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INTRODUCTION TO R&DInnovation at Its Best

At each stage of the development process, from concept through delivery, we are committed to ensuring our devices and molecular technologies meet end-user needs and improve patient outcomes.

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Our team of scientists, molecular biologists, engineers, and experts focus on developing patented and clinically proven molecular technologies for the early detection of HR-HPV and respiratory viruses.

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    Creating the Idea

    We identify the need and market opportunity.

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    Understanding Usage

    We define characteristics and applications to create patentable differentiating molecular technologies that will empower people.

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    Research and Development

    We design and develop medical devices and molecular technologies that help enhance quality of life.

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    Pilot Production and Testing

    Our devices are manufactured in strict compliance with all applicable standards and are validated through preclinical and clinical trials before being launched on the market.

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    We monitor results and mitigate risks and request the relevant regulatory authorizations.

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    We penetrate the market and deliver first-rate follow-up for our medical devices and molecular technologies (techno-surveillance).

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INNOVATING TOGETHEROur Commercial Partners

Because our commercial partners are vital to our growth, at Mel-Mont Medical we have built strategic commercial alliances with organizations in Europe and Latin America to share our experience and know-how.

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