PreTect TM®Methanol-Based Transport Medium

  • Validated for PreTect SEE®, PreTect HPV-Proofer 5®, and PreTect HPV-Proofer 7®.
  • Transport medium for sample preservation.
  • PreTect TM allows mRNA to be stored for up to 4 weeks at 4°C-30°C prior to nucleic acid isolation.


Can PreTect TM® be used for Liquid-Based Cytology?

No. Although PreTect TM® is a methanol-based preservative like most LBC solutions, it has not been validated for Liquid-Based Cytology and morphological analysis.

How long can I keep my samples in PreTect TM® prior to extraction of nucleic acids?

Samples kept in PreTect TM® solution intended for molecular testing has been documented stable up to 6 weeks from the collection if stored between 4 – 30°C. Our further experience data suggest prolonged stability for several months, controlled by positive amplification of housekeeping genes.

Can PreTect TM® be supplied in bulk?

Yes. PreTect TM® is available as ready-to-use prefilled 10-mL vials and as a stock solution for customized use.

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