PreTect X Lysis Buffer®Designed to Lyse Cells and Release DNA and RNA

Validated for PreTect SEE®, PreTect HPV-Proofer 5®, and PreTect HPV-Proofer 7®.
Based on Boom technology.


Is PreTect X Lysis Buffer ® compatible with other manufacturers’ extraction kits?

No. Due to possible chemical differences, PreTect X Lysis Buffer ® should not be combined with other extraction kits.

Do I need to use DNase/RNase inhibitors with PreTect X Lysis Buffer®?

No. The chemical composition of the lysis buffer is sufficient to inactivate any DNases/RNases in the sample.

If there is precipitate in my buffer can I still use it?

Yes. The formation of a precipitate has no permanent effect on the quality of buffers. If a precipitate has been formed, warm the buffer at 50°C until it becomes clear.

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